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The No Agenda Show takes place live and unscripted twice a week on Thursdays and Sundays. It has been running strong for over TWELVE YEARS!!! The podcast deconstructs recent news and mainstream media coverage. It has no advertisers, instead it relies on its listeners to voluntarily donate, keeping the show free from corporate influences. CLICK HERE FOR THE LATEST EPISODE

The No Agenda Shop was created as our way to fund and promote the show, a portion of all profits are donated directly to the No Agenda Show and participating artists.


“THE PODFATHER” and New Media pioneer Adam Curry has been bringing his special brand of social commentary, music, humor and geek wizardry to your earbuds since August 13th of 2004. The first to put together syndication and scripting technology with a daily audio show, Adam ushered in a new era of independent media at a time when the corporate media conglomerates were spewing forth an endless stream of boring, robotic content.

Many know John C. Dvorak from his columns in PC Magazine and Dow Jones Marketwatch. And you know that everybody's favorite crank always gives it to you straight up and unfiltered. A national gold award winner for best online column from the American Business Editors Association two years in a row, and a featured guest analyst on CNBC, he is one of the most respected business tech columnists, editors and authors in the trade.


Check out the playlist below for an introduction to what the NO AGENDA SHOW is all about....

It’s not an election, it’s a game. The American people, when they understand that this is not an actual election, that this process is a big charade, it’s a game, it ratings, its money, its PR, its marketing. You propagate the idea of a two party system, and that’s the plan, that’s the whole idea, to keep two parties run by the same people with a stupid game that they play




The No agenda Show is a solely listener supported production. This means the listeners contribute to the show both financially and through volunteerism such as submitting clips and info. If you feel you are getting value from this show, please help the show by becoming a supporter and passing along the word that No Agenda is THE BEST PODCAST IN THE UNIVERSE.

Donors contributing $50 and above will get a special mention on the show. Donors of $200 or more will automatically become executive or associate executive producers. Anyone donating $49.99 or less will automatically remain anonymous. Any amount will remain anonymous upon request. Learn how you can become a producer by donating to the show using THIS OFFICIAL LINK

The best way to get a good feel for the show is to listen to a full episode, not just an excerpt. The scope and analysis of domestic US and international news that the No Agenda Show covers is truly one of a kind. If you don't have the time to keep up and decipher the news on a daily basis, the 6 hours of coverage provided by the show every week are priceless. Take a listen at a full episode, split into two sections, below.

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