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As loyal listeners we often find ourselves taking notes and sending show links to friends so they can see how misleading the mainstream media reports truly are. We consider it a public good to share the show with potential new listeners. The show is a priceless way to follow major news stories without the corporate media smokescreen.

The No Agenda Shop was created as a way to fund and promote the No Agenda Show. Our goal is to create bold designs that listeners will be proud to own and drive new listeners to the show. Since our founding in 2016 we have donated a portion of all sales directly to the No Agenda Show.

After a selection process, artists contributing work to the No Agenda Shop also receive share of the profits from the sale of any items featuring their design. Artists can also feel proud to know that their contributions boost donations and help propagate the formula to a new spectrum of listeners.


To make the NO AGENDA SHOP viable we produce all items as the orders come in. It takes about 4-7 business days to create your products. Shipping is an additional 3-5 days for US orders, international customers should expect longer shipping times. Depending on your items, some products are packaged and shipped separately.


Please email shop@NoAgendaShop if there are any issues with your purchase. If your item is not what you expected and you would like a refund or exchange contact us within 30 days to best resolve your situation. In most cases, any products that need to be returned will be mailed to the following destination.

No Agenda Shop
1029 N Peachtree Pkwy, Unit #205
Peachtree City, GA 30269
United States


If you value the services that the NO AGENDA SHOP provides, you are welcome to send a donation via paypal. At the moment the SHOP exists only because of the passion we at the SHOP have for the show. Long hours have been spent before day jobs and during our holiday vacations to bring you the BEST NO AGENDA SHOP IN THE UNIVERSE! Any contributions you make will be greatly appreciated.


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