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You can update the lower area with your own custom credit and name or message. If you'd like the piece as is, with the artist credit, don't customize, simply pick a size and ADD TO CART.


1. FIRST pick a SIZE
12" x 12" canvas with show art printed at 8.5" x 8.5"
16" x 16" canvas with show art printed at 10.25" x 10.25"
- Some artwork may be printed sharper than others due to original image quality

"canvas only" image above is the 12" x 12"
model is holding a 16" x 16" canvas

it's under the Add to Cart button
an interactive popup window will appear next

3. Start with a personalized TITLE
Produced by, Knighting Achieved by, Celebrating 33 Years, etc...

4. Start with a personalized NAME or MESSAGE
Your name, a loved ones, fellow listener's, peerage level, timecode, etc ...

5. PROOF-READ and finally ADD TO CART

You will see a preview of your custom message as you type, click "add to cart" when ready. Close the pop up preview window to start over, or refresh your browser tab.

The TITLE and NAME/MESSAGE ideas are just suggestions, feel free to personalize as you see fit, you can even swap the colors, white for the upper area, grey for the lower area, pinks, yellows, etc.

NOTE: Default title text color that matches the upper show information is Grey 1. Default lowest message text is White.

WARNING: TRIPLE CHECK YOUR SPELLING / CAPITALIZATION / GRAMMAR since this is a personalized product we can't offer refunds for typos and stay in business. Learn about our return policy HERE.

NOTE: These canvases are available because we have received higher resolution show art from the original artist. 16x16 canvas options are usually only available if we have received that artist's file.

ARTISTS: contact us here to feature your higher res art
RESOURCES: peerage level

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