DUE TO COVID-19 our production times are experiencing 10-25 business day delays

The entire industry is grappling with challenges and it turns out the shop is not immune after all. We're seeing 10-25 business day delays in our production and shipping times due to production limitations placed on us (social distancing etc).  Please only place an order if you are prepared to wait it out with us as we all go through this together. We will keep this page updated with relevant news as the situation develops.

Delay estimates are current as of JUNE 26th, 2020.

average production times before shipping
mugs: 2-5 business days / 1 week
neck gaiters: 5-10 business days / 1-2 weeks
tumblers, stickers: 5-10 business days / 1-2 weeks
hats: 15-20 business days / 3-4 weeks
shirts, hoodies: 15-25 business days / 3-5 weeks

Rest assured that every order will definitely go out with the same quality and care you have become accustomed to ever since the NO AGENDA SHOP started making it easier to promote the NO AGENDA SHOW almost four years ago. The SHOW and ARTISTS will also receive their share once your orders are delivered. This has been a key mission for the shop from the very first order.

You will receive tracking numbers after production as your items are packaged and prepared to ship. Feel free to email us at if you have any questions and we will make responding a top priority.


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