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Hollywood Made in China

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Author: Kokas, Aynne

Brand: University of California Press

Edition: First

Binding: Paperback

Format: Illustrated

Number Of Pages: 272

Release Date: 31-01-2017

Details: Product Description

Winner of the Next Generation Indie Book Award

Winner of the Chinese American Librarian Association Best Book Award

China’s entry into the World Trade Organization in 2001 ignited a race to capture new global media audiences. Hollywood moguls began courting Chinese investors to create entertainment on an international scale—from behemoth theme parks to blockbuster films. Hollywood Made in China examines these new collaborations, where the distinctions between Hollywood’s “dream factory” and Xi Jinping's "Chinese Dream" of global influence become increasingly blurred. With insightful policy analysis, ethnographic research, and interviews with CEOs, directors, and film workers in Beijing, Shanghai, and Los Angeles, Aynne Kokas offers an unflinching look at China’s new role in the global media industries. A window into the partnerships with Chinese corporations that now shape Hollywood, this book will captivate anyone who consumes commercial media in the twenty-first century.


"Timely and informative." ― H-Diplo

" Hollywood Made in China is a timely contribution to film studies, media studies, and communication studies... impressive, far-reaching." ― China Review

" Hollywood Made in China is an elegant account of Hollywood’s evolving engagements in China’s commercial film environment... an accessible, intriguing study of an unlikely liaison." ― Modern Chinese Literature and Culture

"Like High Concept, scholar and industry consultant Justin Wyatt’s landmark 1994 book about Hollywood’s pivot towards packaged promotion - and merchandising-ready properties, Aynne Kokas’s Hollywood Made in China will be the seminal guidebook to understanding media in the era of the world’s pivot to China." - Karen Fang, University of Houston ― China Review International

"A concise and lucid analysis." ― China Quarterly

" informative book with updated real-world cases and textual analysis on Sino-US film co-production. For those less familiar with the topic, this book serves as a great introduction and resource." ― Global Media and Communication

“Kokas’ work provides an insightful analysis of Sino-US co-ventures, and exemplifies an important approach to global media industries in general. . . .this is a groundbreaking book with an analysis that helps us understand how the Chinese government’s policy-making and Hollywood’s economic ambitions in the Chinese market complicate Sino-US media collaborations and construct ‘multilayered systems that unite the American and Chinese economies’.”  ― Asian Journal of Communication

From the Inside Flap

“Combining her personal experience working on film productions in both China and Hollywood with her strong academic credentials, Aynne Kokas has given us a pioneering study on a subject that will undoubtedly increase in importance as the Sino-Hollywood connection deepens. Future researchers on this topic would do well to begin here.”—Stanley Rosen, Professor of Political Science, University of Southern California

  “Moving from blockbuster movies to branded merchandise, Aynne Kokas masterfully describes the expanding web of commercial and institutional ties that knit together major media empires, arguing that today China and Hollywood co-produce much more than movies; they co-produce each other.”—Michael Curtin, Mellichamp Professor of Global Dynamics, University of California, Santa Barbara

  “Americans and Chinese are collaborating in film production, but Kokas shows that their motives are different: American producers want revenue and brand recognition in the huge Chinese market; the Chinese government wants a positive image for China in its global competition with the United States. A pathbreaking book on a fascinating subject.”—Harry Harding, University Professor of Public Policy, University of Virginia, and Visiting Professor of Social Science, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology   “Kokas presents a scholarly but thoroughly engaging peek behind

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