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Don't Wait for the Next War: A Strategy for American Growth and Global Leadership

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Author: Clark, Wesley K.

Brand: PublicAffairs

Edition: 1st Edition

Binding: Hardcover

Number Of Pages: 272

Release Date: 07-10-2014

Details: Product Description

With the end of the Cold War came not the end of history, but the end of America's sense of its strategic purpose in the world. Then, after a decade of drift, the US was violently dragged back into international conflict. Its armed forces responded magnificently but its leaders' objectives were substantially flawed. We fought the wrong war -- twice -- for reasons that were opaque, and few American citizens understood the cause for which their sons and daughters were fighting and dying.

War is a poor substitute for strategic vision, and decisions made in the heat of imminent conflict are often limited by the emotions of the moment. In Don't Wait for the Next War, Wesley K. Clark, a retired four-star general of the US army and former Democratic candidate for president, presents a compelling argument for continued American global leadership and the basis on which it can succeed -- a new American strategy. America needs both new power and deeper perspective. The platform for American leadership is to use America's energy resources to spark sustainable economic growth, building new strength to deal with pressing domestic issues like the deficit as well as the longer term challenges to US security -- terrorism, cyber threats, the next financial crisis, China's rising power, and climate change.

Such a strategy is not only achievable but essential, and it is urgently needed. This is the true test of American leadership for the next two decades, but it must start now, so America has the power and vision to deal with the acute crises that will inevitably come -- in the Mideast, Europe, or Asia.


“ On most every count, he delivers an imaginative, tightly argued book that is full of salient details…Clark fills a vacuum in the nation's approach to strategy and shows all of us—soldiers, CEOs, entrepreneurs and politicians alike—how our country can again play to its strengths.” — Army Magazine

“The issues Clark raises are ones that every concerned (and voting) American ought to consider as we enter the next election cycle…The author writes clearly and keeps “policy wonk” language to a minimum.” Library Journal

“While Gen. Clark is perhaps best known for his 2004 presidential campaign on the Democratic ticket, his ideal national strategy has significant bipartisan appeal...This book is about much more than foreign or public policy. Gen. Clark tells fascinating tales about meetings with prominent officials from all over the world that offer insight into the strategic goals of other countries...The publishers of "Next War" could not have timed its release any better...You may not agree with Gen. Clark's strategies, but at least he is trying to elevate the national conversation with his fantastic new book.” Seeking Alpha― -

From the Back Cover

Intellectuals often underestimate books like this. Mr. Clark isn t a thumb-sucking pundit: He is an extremely ambitious, sharp-elbowed man who has a passionately felt vision for the American future that he aches to put into practice. "Wall Street Journal" For the most part, the author is an upbeat advocate and writer, bringing his can-do military attitude to a set of problems away from the battlefield. Clark is forceful and confident in tone, but he also wisely acknowledges that he has relied on many advisersafter all, he notes, military leadership does not always translate well into running civilian governments, nor does it necessarily equate to effective diplomacy and economics. A clearly written prescription to help Americans alleviate their nation's malaise.

"Kirkus Reviews"

An exuberant vision for American global leadership that would deemphasize, without diminishing, American military preeminence in favor of an economic-muscle approach that leverages American energy resources. "Booklist" "

About the Author

General (Ret.) Wesley K. Clark is a distinguished fellow at UCLA's Burkle Center and a retired four-star general in the US Army.

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